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I am honored to have my first interview for first issue of BIM Arabia magazine with Mr.BIM:

Omar Selim: Would you introduce yourself, please?
BIM: My name is BIM, which BIM that stands for Building Information Modeling.
Building is for buildings such as schools, factories, homes, towers, streets and cities.
Information is for the availability of information which is useful for the building process and not only a model or a structure.
Modeling is any Visual representation of information as if you see framework (3D model) in front of you, not a plain AutoCAD drawing.
However, I’m not just like 3D Max. I’m informative as each element shall has its needed information. For example doors shall include information about material type, painting and fire resistance.

Omar Selim: Are you a new theory in the construction industry ?
BIM: No, theoretically, I have existed since 1970, however, the extensive use of hardware was the reason of not being spread previously, as the hardware back then was weak, ancient and could not represent the characteristics of the building in digital form. I was firstly executed under the concept of virtual construction via ArchiCAD Software for GRAPHISOFT Company, beginning FROM 1987.

Omar Selim: What are the reasons for the recent attention?
BIM: For many reasons including availability of hardware that can formulate a digital model integrating necessary information about the building, as well as the current trend to build a lot of unique buildings that were not designed before, as if you repeated the same building as in Residential complexes, you will return the same design without problems.
However, building a complex building (such as Tower Khalifa or the Kingdom or Tower Al-Arab) with unique properties, The model should be created to know whether it will handle it or not, how much will it cost, Would there be a problem in regards to energy consumption?
Using CAD technology caused some problems that discovered during the constriction stage. As long as I am being applied in place and correctly; I prove myself and gets attention. Therefore, there are a lot of Masters and Doctorate degrees (PHDs) about me. Many countries made me mandatory. Also, there are Presidents who have talked about me like USA-President Barack Obama.

Omar Selim: Why There are many rumors about you these days?
BIM: because people heard about me but not from me.
Most of these rumors claims that I am only a software where some Talk Shows refer to me as Revit. I’m not a software – I’m a set of technologies and working process, any Software fulfills this methodology is a BIM Software.
If a Software such as MS Word or Paint could draw a building model which has all the required information and could resolve conflicts and obtain inventory data in seconds, then it is a BIM.
If the most complicated Software in the world couldn’t do this, then it isn’t a BIM.
Let’s take AutoCAD as an example, when I add tools to draw walls and doors it become AutoCAD ARCH which is one of BIM Softwares.
I emphasize that no Software is called BIM, I am a technique, a method of work.
Another rumor is that I am a 3D Software and the only difference between me and the CAD is only a count. Not a brag, I’m a 3D, 4D, 6D to infinite nD.
When you enter all the valid data, no limit to what you can get, for example:
4D is the time dimension,
It will allow you to observe all construction stages based on your entered data, so you may see firstly, an empty plot, then the drilling , the foundation then the ground floor and the first floor will start to emerge and so on and so forth.
5D Costs: Not just the cost of an item such as a door but the cost of the door including the worker wage and the price of the screws and if there is a subcontractor.
I’m also useful when it comes to safety and project management. Also in Facility operation and management after handing it over to the client…

Omar Selim : There’s a rumor about conflict between you and the CAD ?
BIM: It is a false rumor. The CAD would still be accessible but greater reliance will be on me. My existence was to solve the problem that CAD could not settle. The CAD Non-specialty is considered is considered as an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. It can be used to design clothing or greeting cards, it’s like drawing on a paper. On the other hand, I am specialized in buildings as appears from my name (i.e. MS Excel doesn’t eliminate the presence of MS Word.) Away from work, we are friends and stay together.
Omar Selim: Who is benefiting from you?
BIM: Almost everyone can benefit from me; Engineers who shares information at the same time with others, rather than waiting for them to finish and restore work or design. Architect gets sections and elevations instantly, and doesn’t have to amend in every sheet. Amendments occurs automatically, Structural design simulates the building structurally, MEP finds inventory ready, the contractor knows the accurate cost before tendering, government provides waste potential. Future generations will find building elements available, and the greatest beneficiary is the owner, the biggest benefit is in the period of the building operation, as I give immediate and complete information about where any mistake occurs at the same moment, even if it was a simple mistake; it can be fixed directly or send a worker to fix it, an entire hotel can be managed via mobile phone.
Omar Selim: Is there books wrote about you?
BIM: Hundreds of books but the most important are:
1-BIM Handbook: A Guide to Building Information Modeling for Owners, Managers, Designers, Engineers and Contractors. Written by Chuck Eastman, Paul Teicholz, Rafael Sacks and Kathleen, which gives deep understanding of technology and its associated processes. It highlights strong projects.
2-The Impact of Building Information Modeling: Transforming Construction. Written by Ray Crotty who lives in United Kingdom which is the reason behind finding interest in European Softwares such as Archicad. A beautiful book with a lot of updated information.
3-Green BIM: Successful Sustainable Design with Building Information Modeling. It concentrates on sustainability and its relation to BIM and how they grow together. Also, energy efficiency which is currently one of the top most criteria for the evaluation of building proposed design, in which comes the role of BIM.
4-Building Information Modeling: Planning and Managing Construction Projects with 4D CAD and Simulations.
Omar Selim: How BIM can improve processes such as construction management and construction documentation?
BIM: There are a whole section of the book which is devoted to the study of models of existing companies
In regards to a book in Arabic, there is “way to bim“ BIM Manual for individuals and companies, the book is good for Arabic speakers and you can download it for free.
دليل الافراد و الشركات نحو ال BIM
Omar Selim: What is your favorite color?
BIM: My favorite color is green where you find me very helpful for green BUILDING and how to achieve the best energy efficient design
Omar Selim: Is there a documented study on the benefits of implementing BIM?
BIM: The Stanford University Centre of the Integrated Facilities Engineering’s (CIFE) conducted a study on 32 huge projects and found that:
• You can avoid 40% of surprises during execution.
• Accuracy in cost estimation reached 97%.
• Saved 80% of the time needed to calculate cost.
• 10% cost savings.
• Reducing 7% of project period.
McGraw Hill Foundation conducted a questionnaire recently which showed that ((three quarters of BIM users in Western Europe have confirmed tangible positive results on their investment on those models, compared with 63% of BIM users in North America)).
Omar Selim: What are the largest projects that worked by BIM?
BIM: Almost all unique large-scale projects, for example:
– Build London Live 2012
– Build Qatar Live 2012
– D.C. Riverside Office Building
– Ellicott Heights
– Arboleda Open BIM Project

Translated by Radwa Hassan & Zidan Fahmy

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