Thursday 9 March 2017

BIMarabia Second issue

BIMarabia is the first E-magazine intended to spread awareness of
BIM tools and workflows across Arabic region. BIMarabia is written and
edited by users, targeted to be beneficial to practitioners and researchers
in the field. For more information, please go to
This is the second edition from BIMarabia magazine English version,
the growth in the construction industry in Arab World especially in
Building Information Modeling (BIM) applications pushing us to develop
this magazine to satisfy the needs of the market. When the Arabic
version was published, many readers asked for translation into English
or any other language, Thus, we decided to translate it into English. If
anyone is interested in translating into any other language or join our
team, please don’t hesitate to contact us:
Nothing is wiser than what Abdul Rahim Bin Ali said “ I’ve never seen a
writer wrote a book without saying in the next day : If this was changed
it’d be better, If this was increased it’d be advisable, If this was moved
forward it woudl have been better and If this was let as it was it’d be
better, This is the greatest lesson and an evidence of the size of shortage
among humans.
Finally, after modicum progress in this broad knowledge
hopes to obtain admission and receive plaudits.
Omar Selim

Introduction To BIM 4
BIM, is it a new science? Alternatively, is it an ancient one? 8
4D specialist (responsible for building 4D model) 17
Fifth Dimension (5D) in BIM 22
Level of Details (LoD) 25
Introduction to Facility Management Filed 31
Implementing BIM technology between acceptance and rejection 35
Quotes about BIM 37
Qatar BIM User Day

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